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The day has finally come that we will hang up our tiaras. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo has had a magical journey, to say the least, and have had reminisced over the wonderful memories we have made with all our your little ones. When we asked our girls what their best day working was, not one could pick their favorite day. Your children have created memories for us that we will forever cherish as many of them we have seen grow into princesses themselves. Through the numerous meet and greets, pen pal letters, enchantment balls, hospital visits and parties we have got to know everything about your little ones - and when we say everything... we really mean everything (the joys of working with little-unfiltered mouths lol). As we move on over the next few years familiar faces may be seen: in hospitals, in schools, in social work and many other occupations that our princesses have been working so hard towards. From our five minute hugs to our long silly conversations, and so much more we are so happy to say we have been apart of your family's life. Just like we tell your little ones... always remember to have courage, be kind, and go on lots of adventures- but don't forget to pack your best travel boots!

Have a magical day,
Bibbidi Staff & our Fairy Godmother
**When you give someone a hug never be the first to let go, you never know how much they need it**

Watch to experience our second annual charity ball, the Under the Sea Enchantment! For more information about the event, and how to get involved, click here!

Watch how Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo can help make dreams come true! Cinderella was honoured to provide this little princess with the perfect dress for a magical evening with her daddy.

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